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Avalon Oil
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Avalon Oil

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The sacred isle of Avalon is a place of deep mystery and spirituality, revered by energy workers and healers connected to the ancient lands of Britain. A place of deepest magick and Celtic goddess energy, this ritual oil was inspired by Avalon to connect you to these powerful energies, no matter where you are in the world.

Cloves are a Fire herb of Jupiter that invoke prosperity and protection, banishing negative energies from entering the auric field and boosting spiritual vibrations. Keeping cloves near as an amulet attracts abundance and protection as you move about the world. Anoint yourself with clove oil before working with the element of Fire, and on Thursdays before any spiritual workings. When combined with rose, this duo can assist in foretelling the future, making this oil ideal for use before divination work of all kinds, tarot, pendulum work, scrying and rune casting.

Sacred rose in the form of oils and petals guards and protects the heart centre, raising your personal power and keeping channels open and clear, with no fear of external forces.

Birch leaf is sacred to the mighty Welsh goddess Arianrhod, goddess of Time, the Moon, associated with white owls and the waters. Birch is a sacred tree to pagans and dwellers of ancient Avalon, being associated with the Moon, Venus, and Freya. The energy of the Lady of the Woods calms emotions, heals wounds and assist at times of change and new beginnings.

Black tourmaline grounds and guards our personal energy, repelling negative external forces and protecting the heart from attack, making it an ideal talisman to carry with you daily. It aligns the energy centres of the body, channeling healing light throughout the body.

Smoky quartz is a powerful grounding and balancing stone, letting light and positivity in to the energy centre. This stone is rooted in the healing vibrations of the Earth, and acts as a cleanser of mind and spirit. It is associated with the crown chakra and anchors us to the Earth while we commune with Source, the cosmos, the Universe.

Keep this oil close and the power of Avalon will always be with you.

Ingredients: eugenia carophyllus (clove leaf) essential oil, rose otto essential oil, fractionated coconut oil, charged and blessed black tourmaline and smoky quartz crystals, organic rose petals and birch leaf, *cinnamal, *eugenol, *farnesol, *geraniol, *linalool. 10ml.

Made fresh to order. Vegan. Check out our dedicated page for a Star Ametrine oil ritual using your new offering.

For external use only. Contains nuts. Essential oils may not be suitable during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, while undergoing medical treatment or taking medication. Please consult your medical professional before using any Star Ametrine aromatherapy offering. Not suitable for babies, children or pets. Star Ametrine makes no medicinal claims for any of its offerings. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more information. *Naturally occuring allergens.