Our Story

Star Ametrine is an all-natural, small-batch vegan apothecary and wellness brand conceived by Roberta, a folk herbalist and energy worker of Celtic origin, descending from a long line of Irish and Scottish wise women. We launched in 2018 with our first line of crystal-infused ritual oils, which were featured in Soul & Spirit magazine.

At Star Ametrine, we follow the Moon, stars and magick of the universe and the natural wonders of our beautiful planet. We follow the old ways and believe in the life changing powers of magick, herbs and crystals for the deepest healing and emotional nourishment. Our journey began in childhood, with a small pot of parsley and has grown into a steadfast passion and way of life. Herb, flower and tree are here to teach and guide us with their wisdom, and working with them is a sincere pleasure, one that lasts a lifetime. 

Roberta has been studying herbalism for many years, both academically and spiritually, is an attuned and skilful energy worker and practicing Pagan. She grows many of the organic herbs used in the apothecary in her own gardens nestled in a beautiful valley in the Cotswolds of South West England. When she is not in the apothecary, Roberta can be found running wild in the woods, gathering magpie feathers, hawthorn branches and speaking with her favourite trees. 

All our offerings are made to order and are 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and ethical, sulfate-free, paraben-free, preservative-free, GMO-free and free from artificial ingredients. All our tisanes are organic, all the herbs from our gardens are organically grown, and our foraged herbs are sustainably wild crafted from the meadows, hedgerows and woods of the Cotswolds. We are striving to become as plastic-free as possible and practice sincere sustainability. All our packaging is fully recyclable and we strive to minimise waste to protect our Mother Earth.

Star Ametrine is a proud member and supporter of the following organisations:

Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland / The Herb Society / Plant Heritage / The Woodland Trust / The Rose Society / Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust / Royal Forestry Society