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As Above, So Below Aura Mist

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Cleanse • Bless • Protect

Our As Above, So Below aura mist and space spray has been crafted to cleanse and bless your sacred spaces and self with a intuitive blend of sacred oils and crystal essence.

The fragrance of this new mist reminds us of Avalon, of incense burning in dark corners of an ancient stone edifice. The scent profile is a mystical blend of wood, citrus and floral oils, grounded with ametrine essence and preserved with witch hazel. ⁣

This mist was created in ritual with rosemary smoke and oil, and brings forth visions of Mabon, of woodsmoke, ruby red berries in the hedgerows and the fire and dreamy magick of Autumn.

Clear your space before meditation, ritual and divination. Spray your pillow, car, house, and anywhere you feel called, to clear stagnant energy and invite in positivity and magick.

Ingredients: a sacred blend of essential oils, ametrine crystal essence, distilled water and witch hazel. 50ml. For external use only. Not suitable for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or around children and pets.