Samhain & The Autumn Collection

As the Wheel turns from the sunny days of Mabon season to the candlelit darkness of Samhain, we turn within. Many of us become confronted with our Shadow selves at this time of year, as the days grow shorter and darker. Throw in Mercury RX into the mix and many of us may be feeling a little burnt out right now. Have no fear! We are on the eve of Samhain and the Hunter's Moon, heralding the start of a fresh year of magick for us all. Fresh energies, and new beginnings are waiting. 

This is an ideal time to cleanse and purify our homes, throw away clutter and the detritus of the last 12 months that may be holding us back. Hold your head up and walk into tomorrow with a clear and open heart. For more Samhain tips and ways to celebrate, keep an eye on our Instagram account.

This autumn, we have created six magickal offerings to incorporate into your spiritual rituals and wellness practices aligned with the shift in the season and the need to get cosy and go within, in the candlelit nights ahead. Three flower essences, two aura mists and a nourishing tisane crammed with fruit of the autumn hedgerows. Check out the Autumn Collection now!