Crystal Essence Collection

Time for the first shop update of 2021!

Introducing our brand new collection of Crystal Essences, capturing the vibrational energies of each crystal chosen to enable a profound healing experience. They can help remove blockages in the auric field, allowing energy to flow freely through the body.

We are launching the collection with essences of two of our favourite crystalline old-faithfuls, rose quartz and ametrine.

Essence of rose quartz promotes unconditional love and compassion, especially for the Self. It can help remove blockages around the heart space and remove any lingering negativity, replacing it with pink rays of loving energies. An essence for those who need to be reminded of their self-worth and who wish to draw abundance to them by removing self sabotaging tendencies and a clearer connection to your purpose on this Earth.

Essence of ametrine invites us to step into our power with the absolute knowledge that we are blessed, we are strong and we are here to shine our lights. It enhances mental and spiritual clarity, enabling us to connect deeply to our core of strength at times of vulnerability. This stone has a powerful energetic vibration and can be harnessed to boost and uplift our self confidence enabling us to share our gifts with the world with no fear.

Available now in a limited supply at More to follow when the Sun comes back to play 🌞🌞🌞